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"Friendship is essential to the soul"

Message from the Grand Basileus

Filed under News on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 by Author: Admin.

My Brothers in Omega,

Grand Basileus

I am deeply honored and humbled by the confidence you have demonstrated in electing me the 39th Grand Basileus.

Each day my administration will work to move Omega forward as we focus on the Legacy of our Founders; acknowledge the Omega Men who carried the Legacy through our first 100 years and engage our collective wisdom to enhance Omega for future generations.

Over the last two weeks, I, along with the newly elected Grand Officers, have worked diligently in responding to pending items and those that pose challenges to the effective operation of the Fraternity. Our review will result in the crafting of solutions to maximize the positive and minimize the negative. We will set measurable, yet realistic goals to move Omega forward.

Our vision is to ensure that Omega remains dynamic, ever evolving, and better suited to fulfill the needs of our membership and to be responsive to the pressing needs of the communities that we unselfishly serve.

I have been profoundly touched by those of you who have reached out to me and have expressed the desire to serve Omega. During my 18 months of working for your vote; I had the opportunity to listen to your concerns, I have felt your passion and have been moved by your commitment to make Omega better.

Omega is as strong as its membership. Each chapter, district, and individual brother has an important role to play in our growth and development. What you do on your individual college campuses, in your local communities, your state, your corridor and your district, will help Omega realize its mission as set forth by our Founders.

Omega Men must continue to mentor our youth, provide food, clothing and support to the needy, register our people to vote and fulfill our mandated programs while remaining guardians of the social and political accomplishments won by those who have gone before us.

On this historic march to our 100th Celebration; we will continue to build on the solid foundation of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift. I call on all Omega Men to embrace our esprit d’corps, dedication to duty and our strong commitment of one brother to the other. I will keep as my guide post… “The best Grand Basileus is one who never forgets what it is to be a Grand Brother.”

In our expressed need for your support, we know that you must be informed. This administration will continually update you as we set a new direction for Omega. Omega Men, we are the keepers of the flame. Let’s all do well our part in holding Omega up to the world. May the Supreme Basileus be with you and your families.


Dr. Andrew A. Ray

39th Grand Basileus

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